Golf Girls - Michelle Wie

Here's Michelle telling Frank the green keeper that she would like '1 meat pie' when he's on his way back around from the kiosk.

Here's a good trivia question. Which of these women golfers earns the most from endorsements off the golf course each year – Michelle Wie, the 18-year-old rookie who has not won a tournament in 32 events as a pro and who only has won about $1 million playing golf – Lorena Ochoa, the World No. 1, winner of 17 tournaments and $10 million in her career including $2.6m in 2008 – or Annika Sorenstam, winner of 72 events, $22 million in her career and $1.5 million in 2008. According to Forbes magazine in the US if you guessed Lorena, who earns about $10 million mainly from deals with Audi and Lacoste, you were wrong, and Annika with $11 million off course also was not correct. She was pipped by Wie, who although she attends Stanford College (Tiger’s old college) part-time and has played infrequently because of wrist injury, earns about $12 million in deals mainly with Nike and Sony.