Interesting Golf Pics - Bunker Practice

This 'heavily bunkered' 9 hole track in the Namib Desert is home to dozens of golf fanatics.
Work is scarce in the area and the Namibia youth have taken to golf to fill their days.
Dubbed the "West Side Club", it has no tees, greens, grass or water.
"Sometimes I imagine myself as Ernie Els or Tiger Woods, I use my imagination and love it," says Christof Kuludu, 23. "I eat golf; dream golf, sleep golf, everything in my mind is golf!"

In the capital City of Windhoek, Alec Williams, director of golf at the country club said interest in golf was growing fast among Nambia's youth.
The development program at the Windhoek course could not keep up with the new "wannabe" Woods.
"There is definitely growing interest and we are trying to help with development as much as possible," he said.

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