12 Reasons: Why Golf is Better Than Bars

The older I get, bars just seem less and less appealing. I'm not exactly sure why, the music is still the same, there's lots of alcohol and the odds of seeing naked breasts are far better in a bar than on a golf course. But that's all I could really come up with. However, I did manage to come up with plenty of reasons why playing golf is better than going to a bar. Here's my top 12:

1. It's not frowned upon to leave a golf course at 10am.
2. After a round of golf, it's unlikely to wake up the next day with an STD.
3. You can wear a hat on a golf course.
4. People don't chat to you at the urinal at a golf course.
5. You can drive a golf cart on a golf course.
6. You can have 12 clubs to choose from on a golf course.
7. You don't mind seeing your friends balls on a golf course, in fact you will actively look for them.
8. Unlike a pool table, when you put a coin down you always get it back.
9. You can't play golf in a bar.
10. You always wake up with your eyebrows intact after a round of golf.
11. You don't feel old on a golf course.
12. When you get home late from playing golf with your buddies, chances are you won't have to sleep on the couch.

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