Ban Mobile Phones on Australian Golf Courses

Many golf clubs in Australia have banned the use of mobile phones during competitions, but I still see people text messaging and speaking on their mobiles all the time during social play. In my opinion, all mobile phone usage should be banned from all golf courses at all times.

What's so important that can't wait till after the round? If work is calling you, maybe you should be at work. If you're that whipped by your partner, then maybe you should re-evaluate your self confidence.

I use to surf a lot more than I have ever been able to play golf and not once did I take my mobile phone with me. I could be in the water for 2-3 hours, relaxing, getting dunked laughing at others being dunked and enjoying myself. Golf should have a similar protocol. Just because you can take your mobile, does not mean you should.

People using mobiles hold up play for people in their group and other groups behind them. It's unsocial to be chatting on a mobile phone while out with friends in a social environment that is suppose to be about present company.

Some clubs allow mobile phones but say they must be switched off, and can only be used in medical emergencies. I can see how this could save a life so perhaps it is something that could permit leniency, but even so, there are plenty of activities like hiking, or mountain biking that don’t permit mobile phones purely because there is no service, and these activities are generally further than 5 minutes from a bar or pro shop.

Leave your phones at home, the next person I see texting on a green is not going to get the courtesy of a ‘fore’ call.

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