Michael Phelps is Lousy at Golf

Frankly, Michael Phelps does not impress me. The leotard and the little muscles do not impress me. I'm not impressed that if we're on a boat and it sinks he can get back to the beach faster than me. Moreover, why are people comparing him to Tiger Woods? Michael Phelps is lousy at golf.

Where is the chart that shows Phelps has done more for swimming than Tiger has done for golf? I can't wait for the first $7 million swim meet and the Michael Phelps swimming video game should be a lot of fun! This is a ridiculous comparison. Phelps has done well at the Olympics, but people seem to be forgetting that several of his gold medals were in a group of four aka a relay. Tiger has a caddy that's good at geography, he doesn't hit any of the balls to give Tiger a break.

It's Olympic fever that's gripped all the nutbag journalists and lounge chair athletes, coming up with outlandish analogies. Sure, we might see a bunch more kids in the pool trying to be the next Michael Phelps next week until they realize how damn hard swimming is. Early mornings, up and down a pool staring at a line and talking to yourself, oh and don't forget about the Speedo you have to wear. I give those Phelpamania children three weeks to give that up so they can get back to their ipods and breakdancing.

I read another article saying that while U.S television audiences watch swimming, they don’t watch golf - they watch Tiger. It would have been interesting had Tiger played in the PGA Championships last week in the middle of the Olympics to see how true that was, however he didn’t play, so again they’re just blowing wind.

I hope all the U.S television audiences are watching the men and women’s Olympic track events. At least you still have Phelps to write about.