PS3: Tiger Woods 09 Australian Release Date

The tradition continues in 09 with the release of this/next years EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour. The Australian PS3 release date is set for the 22nd of August, as told to me by a trusty employee of EB Games and it seems EA have been able to one up on the 08 version.

The 09 version sees the inclusion of Tiger's coach, Hank Haney to firstly welcome you at the start of the game and then take you through practice sessions. He then pops in and out to more than likely annoy you through your golfing career.

In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, a player's skill level is constantly adjusting throughout the round just as it would during a real afternoon of golf. Following each round, Haney gives customized feedback on a player's performance.

Personally, the team at EA should concentrate more on improving the scenery graphics and commentary of the game rather then include more and more non related stuff to what the game is all about; beating the best in the world at golf.

Tiger Woods 09 will have an upgraded version of the online gaming experience and probably make the 'Tiger Swing' even more sensitive and frustrating as one has to learn all over again.

Tiger Woods 08 is one of the few PS3 games that I can find someone online to play against which is one thing in its favor, though I still find myself booting up my old PS2 04 version every now and then, because frankly it is more fun than the 08.

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