Six Arrested Over Prostitution on Golf Course

Six people have been arrested on a variety of charges stemming from a sex themed 'girlie tournament' held at a Californian golf course in 2002. Charges included; conspiracy to corrupt public morals, engaging in prostitution and child endangerment and prostitution.

Camouflaged police officers hid in the bushes at the Hidden Valley Golf Club before pouncing on the punters and strippers. More than 160 golfers turned up for the 'competition' paying $200 a piece. Officials say that some of the attendees didn't even have golf clubs, but most had at least one wood on them.
This Australian beauty was very popular

90 golfers were detained, along with several golf workers. 17 strippers and alleged prostitutes were also questioned who were stationed around the courses putting greens in tents advertising their services, including 'hole in ones'.

Event organizer Sandy Juarez was accused of providing the prostitutes and testified against the golf clubs general manager Jason Wood and his former assistant Darren James Bolinger. All three were charged with conspiracy to corrupt public morals and sentenced to 125 days house arrest. Superior Court Judge Christian Thierbach was appalled by their "immoral and illegal actions".

Three others were also arrested. Two golfers who were looking for a way to get ahead on the course, for engaging in prostitution and the mother of a 16 year old prostitute has been charged with child endangerment and prostitution.

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