Stupid Golf Inventions

Want to buy your dad or brother a gift he'll never use? Then check out this little beauty! Here's a stupid golf invention that annoys the crap out of me just looking at it!

It appears you get a pontoon 'green' that has a flag you can move around, some kind of plastic club and a ball with some Velcro wrapped around it. It's standard golf stuff, line up on the side of the pool and try to hit it close. My question is why? Even if you hit the ball close, you cannot putt, there’s Velcro holding it to the mat. Who comes up with this crap?

I can see maybe 8 minutes worth of entertainment before your buddies go back to the barbecue to hold the tongs and talk about boobs.

Here's the companies claim "Aqua-Golf" is a fun way to learn the game of golf, practice, or just spend time around the pool. It's great for parties, poolside gatherings, or by yourself. You don't have to get in the water to enjoy Aqua-Golf, and it's attractive even when not in use."

"By yourself"? It appears that Aqua-Golf could be highly flammable, so not all is lost. I can see some interesting nights lighting that baby up.

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