World's Longest Golf Course

Australia will soon be home to the world's longest golf course.

Flying over the Australian Nullarbor Plain, one has a good vantage point to make a few observations. Not to discredit the enormity and unique beauty of the Nullarbor but it lacks a few important features in my opinion. Simple things like hills, corners in the road, trees, golf courses and water. A gentleman by the name of Bob Bongiorno who runs a roadhouse along the Nullarbor section of the Eyre Highway has also come to the conclusion that what's missing is a golf course and not just any, the world’s longest golf course!

The idea is that each town along the 1400km stretch will have its own hole, maintained by the locals with the first being constructed in Mr. Bongiorno’s home of Balladonia, which you may recall is the site where the US Skylab Satellite abruptly visited in 1979.

Dubbed the ‘Nullarbor Links’, Councils have approved the 18 developments, some as far as 100km apart, saying that it should encourage travelers to slow down and enjoy all the attractions along the Highway. The fairways will be made of sand and the area around the fairways will also be sand. Sand will also feature as the backdrop and the greens will be made of sand, with oil on it. The bunkers will be filled with lush Santa Anna Couch.

Mr. Bongiorno said that “Even if people only play a few holes it will break up the journey and give them the chance to say they’ve played on the world’s biggest golf course.” Not stopping there, he also plans to build the worlds biggest golf ball; and I thought I had size issues.

For the local townsfolk, playing the same hole 18 times every Sunday could get monotonous, but it’s not about them, it’s about the 300 cars that pass through each day happily paying $3.00 a litre for petrol and eating $10 hamburgers and just being a part of the worlds longest golf course.

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