Ask a Golf Expert: How to Drive Longer

Running a successful blog that is all about golf, I am often asked advice on many different topics, at times I am even asked about golf. I received an email from one of the millions of Aussie Golfing fans asking my advice on a common golf problem. Here is the email:

"Dear Aussie Golfing. Thank you for providing such an amayzing golfing resauce to the werld. You're wisdom and nowlege are second to nun on all things golf, in fact, if Aussie Golfing were a wimins, she would be the oracle. My kwesjon to you is, how can I hit the ball furtha off the tea? I no you are very busy, so whenever you get a chance, I look forward to your reply. Your frend Dave" From Dave, Brisbane Australia, March 1987.

Hi Dave, thanks for your email. Actually I haven't been all that busy, but the tremendous amount of spelling mistakes that your email had simply annoyed me so much that I am only now bothering to reply.

Yes you're right about many things, most importantly the part about my wisdom and knowledge, at times I am in awe myself. I have pondered this question for a furlong of time and decided to give you some suggestions numbered in no particular order, if you don't consider the numerical order that I have put them into on how to hit, or at least appear to hit a golf ball further.

Behold, my top five:

1. Go to shorter golf courses

2. Steroids

3. When you are near your ball, kick it further up the fairway when no one is looking

4. Slip your playing partners ADHD medication before the first tee

5. Wear a Titleist hat

There you have it Dave and of course, the world, five guaranteed ways to maybe be better in some way off the tee with that big fancy golf club you bought off EBay for half what you would have paid in the stores.

Good luck!