Golf at the Paralympics

Once again, golf was nowhere to be seen at the 2008 Paralympics and frankly, I am sick and tired at the lack of 'lympics' in modern golf. Golf itself is the father of all handicaps, yet it's the very people that have taken this great word and used it for their own devices and completely turned their backs on the game.

The very premise of golf is to lower ones handicap, perhaps it is the very nature of the game that annoys disabled people since their handicaps cannot be reduced, at least off the golf course.

Handicapped people golfers are people too as well as handicapped and they should be given an opportunity to be handicapped on national television playing golf at the ability of a ten-year-old non-handicapped golfer.

I ask the IOC why the grudge against golf being contested in regular Olympics has carried over to Paralympics, haven't these people been through enough already? The last time golf was played at the Olympic level was in 1908. And coincidentally, the winning scores from then are what handicapped golfers today are hitting one hundred years later!

Maybe in 2012 disabled and handicapped golfers can walk/hop together as brothers and strive for Olympic glory.