Poll Results: Hole in One

Aussie Golfing ran a poll last week over 5 days, asking 'If you scored a hole-in-one, would you continue to use the ball?' The response was great, thank you to everyone that participated. Well, the results are in of course and it seems 76% of voters wouldn't use a ball after sinking it for an ace, one of which was me, of course I ticked that it would go straight to the pool room.

It's interesting that 26% of voters would continue to play on with the same ball. I assume that either those golfers would consider that to be a lucky ball and try again, or they have gotten a few holes in ones in their time and it is just a one on the scorecard, what's all the fuss about? I have never scored a real hole in one, so besides running at full old man pace at the hole to get the thing and getting stat declarations signed from everybody that saw it, I guess it would be no big deal to me either.

Four people or 7% said that they were unsure weather they would hit it again, which I can also relate to as it would be my first, but that ball would be going nowhere near water let me assure you!

Thanks again to everyone that voted, and good luck on hitting one for real!