Australian Haunted Golf Course: Mt Lawley

Aussie Golfing has had several emails informing me that the very affluent Mt Lawley Golf Club(Walter Rd, Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia) is haunted, haunted as.

It is on or about the hole named for Satan's Elbow that the apparitions are alleged to "lurk", according to a "psychic expert and clairvoyant".

Alleged paranormal activity there includes apparitions, 'celestial glows' (orbs?) and 'unnatural' sensations of terror. One woman even claimed she'd 'never felt so terror stricken in her entire life' as she had there and said it 'must be the most haunted golf course on earth'. After doing some research myself, I can confirm that it is the most haunted golf course on the planet!

What’s interesting about this is that research into the club's history by a genealogist uncovered an authentic, well supported historical incident involving a tragic, quite horrible death which occurred on the golf course in the early 1930s. All too often skeptics maintain that claims of tragic death’s at haunted locations are vague and aren’t authenticated. This one is a matter of public record. A coroner's jury ruled it a suicide, but the circumstances still sound a bit mysterious and the death created quite a few lurid headlines in the Australian press back then (at the time a suicide, especially in such an unlikely place, was treated like major news).

Young father Michael Oakleigh met a gruesome, excruciating death at 'Satan' or 'Clootie's Elbow'. Is his forlorn, unhappy ghost still haunting the Mount Lawley Golf Course today? Alleged paranormal activity includes sightings of a doleful apparition.

However, it was over seventy years ago and none of the people who claim the golf course is haunted now could have known that it ever happened. The historical section on the club's official website contains no mention of it (I don't know why - it's macabre, but unless you're a golfing enthusiast, it still appears to have been the most interesting event in the club's history).

Based on this relatively brief amount of information, I am convinced without a doubt that the Mt Lawley Golf Course is in fact haunted. It is pretty amazing to me that people say the place is haunted without knowing anything bad ever happened there. I mean you can't say these people only think it's haunted as a result of of 'force of suggestion' or whatever.