Australian Golf Open contract

Its official, the Australian Open is going to stay in New South Wales until 2015. Well, that is of course excluding the fact that it will be going to Victoria in 2012 due to a contract with Moonah Links. This seems quite odd as all the headlines forget to mention this fact.

The New South Wales Government is injecting a cool 15 million dollars into the system in conjunction with Golf Australia…Sounds like Golf New South Wales to me.

I guess the good things are that all this cash should see some decent players come to Australia in the next few years. There are rumors that Tiger will be courted for 2009, even though it will cost $4 million just for him to grace Australia’s shores for the 4 days. Also the math just doesn’t add up. Does that mean of the 6 years that the funding is secured, the one year with Tiger is pretty much going to screw up the other 5 years?

In fact I don’t know why this is being celebrated as good news. It’s great for Sydney courses and spectators. It’s great that the NSW government has taken an interest and backed it with cash, but the rest of Australia’s golfing community seems to have just sat back and let this happen. It’s a golfing scandal is what it is!

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