Netherlands Indoor Golf Arena

Indoor golf is nothing new to me. I've been hitting golf balls in the house since I got my first matel toy set at the dearest age of 4. Since then, there's been putting practice in the kitchen, chipping practice in the hallway and of course trick shots off of common house objects. But this takes things to the next level. This is the extra room I always begged my parents to build on the back! Indoor Golf is real and exciting and coming to the Netherlands in 2010.

This amazing indoor playground is being built in Amersfoort, Netherlands. As a note; Golf is the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands with an estimated 20,000 new golfers a year trying their hand.

With a population of just over 16 million and 300,000 (about 2% of the entire population) of them are golfers, I guess this is as good a place as any to open the indoor golf mecca...'Golf Arena'.

The Netherlands aren't renowned for their year round sunny weather, but they sure know how to make a clog. Besides looking like a giant spaceship/shoe, the concept is great. Across the Netherlands there are about 70 traditional or outdoor golf clubs. As a reference, there are that many across Sydney.

With golf becoming so popular internationally, facilities near and around cities are in high demand. Obviously a lot of space is required to build an 18 hole course, but shorter 9 hole par 3 courses and versions of driving ranges both indoor, multi-level and outdoor are becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to their convenience of both location and the time it takes to setup and play.

Golf Arena Netherlands has all this 'covered'. This Indoor Disneyland of Golf will be 15,000 sq meters of 'mantastic' fun, making this the world's largest indoor golf facility. As well as housing a variety of practice areas, the indoor center will feature full, par 3 holes which will average about 140m in length with varying conditions to contend with including artificial grass, bunkers and water hazards, as well as 20 ProTee Golf simulators. It’s expected that the Netherlands facility will also have a 1,000sq meter pro shop, beauty facilities, with spa and sauna’s, lots of office space and a 4 star hotel.

The founder of Indoor Golf Arena, Jon S. Standing loves a cliche', he says of the Netherlands project: "Indoor Golf Arena will be the world’s largest and most diverse indoor golf training center. It is my mission to be unrivaled and unique and to provide a tangible expression of 'Golf is Life'!" I love his passion and he's building a cool place to drink, spend the night, get a manicure and hit golf balls!

I say every Australian golfer should email Mr. Standing and petition one of those for us. My location suggestion: Sunshine Victoria (no one will miss the place)

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