Perfect Golfer Gift: Face Painted on a Golf Ball!

Here's the perfect gift idea. Your face painted on a golf ball then preserved forever in a classy see through box or mounted on an elegant hair band elastic!

Lets take a look at these beauties:

Look at the craftsmanship in that thing! Also note the hairband elastic pedestal. This is one of those perfect anniversary gift ideas when its not a set one like gold or diamond. My suggestion is from now on, the 6th wedding anniversary is the 'Face Painted on Golf Ball' anniversary!

Oh, and don't wear anything too fancy when you hand this future heirloom over, cause I guarantee it will be torn off you in passion!

Imagine this, the following year after surprising your life partner with her anniversary 'Face painted on golf ball' golf ball. YOU GET A FACE PAINTED ON GOLF BALL GOLF BALL!

Ta Da! The highlights capture the essence of your masculinity in this masterpiece! Just look at the detail. She wasn't playing when she splashed out on this little beauty, is that real chewing gum holding it in place?

Someones getting lucky tonight!

OK, all jokes aside. I'd like you to think back to your childhood. Remember your first cat or dog. Remember how you loved them, remember the good times? Now lets take that imagination out of there....AND PUT IT ON A GOLF BALL!

Here's Chloe the 8 year old tabby from Northcote. RIP

WOW, if I didn't know that was painted on a golf ball I'd pet it!

How much for all this? Well, believe it or not, you can put a price on these dramatic pieces! Prices range between about $30 - $60 Australian. Email me for the details, but as you can imagine due to the volume I'm expecting It may be difficult to reply to each.

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