Hot Golf Girls: Lucky Golf

Dave had to drag girlfriend Julie along to the golf championship at Troon North Golf Club Arizona. But would you believe their luck! Here's Dave getting a picture of his lucky beauty Julie after finding this golf club in the rocks. As it turns out, the tournament leader through it wildly after missing the fairway on the 12th.

What a great day the pair had, laughing and celebrating the lucky find. Julie later managed to have the pro sign the club after a brief tug o war with his caddy on the 18th.

After this great day of tenderness and sharing, the pair started playing together, and it turns out Julie was a natural golfer. Dave just keeps getting luckier! Everything was perfect, until Dave proposed to Julie on the very golf course that began their mutual passion. Julie turned him down citing his golf game was weak and that she had in fact been sleeping with Carl in the pro shop for the past 6 weeks.

Dave removed the lucky driver from Julie’s necklace, reminding her how ridiculous it was to wear a golf club around her neck and broke it half; the way Julie had broken his heart.