Golf Scandal: Greg Norman's Divorce

Australian sporting great and former world number 1 ranked golfer Greg Norman 52 and world’s luckiest flight attendant, Laura Andassy 57 recently called it quits after 25 years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences." The Great White however, making the headlines for all the wrong reasons this time with a bitter and public divorce battle in Florida's Martin County Circuit adding fuel to the golf scandal. The settlement sees the vast business empire carved up. Under the divorce deal, Andassy will receive a third of the amassed fortune, which is valued around 300 million dollars. "It's a relief and it's pretty much over and done with," Andassy said before spending the lot on a fancy record player.

The agreement divides the family’s assets including, Norman's Estates Wine Company, the family mansion in Florida's exclusive Jupiter Island estate, the Greg Norman sportswear line and Great White Shark Enterprises, with its golf course design division.

Norman’s lawyers filed the following petitions:

"The wife did not teach the husband to swing a golf club"

"The wife did not teach the husband to win.

"All of those teachings were the product of diligent hard work by the husband prior to this marriage."

And regarding Norman's contribution to raising the couple's two children: "were extraordinary and far exceeded the contributions of the wife".

Norman also claimed that she's been spending wildly since the divorce proceedings started and Andassy claiming that he is trying to "starve her out" of her house, cutting off her credit cards, changing the locks on their home and firing the housekeeper. It got so nasty that Norman threatened to sue her for defamation. With Norman countering that he's spent $725,000 in legal fees.

When the couple first announced plans for divorce in June 2006, it seemed amicable, but the Great White Shark knows there's more fish in the sea. Things really became heated after photos of Norman and 52-year-old former tennis ace Chris Evert holding hands in Sydney were published.

In December 2006, Evert herself had to pay out more than $7 million in a divorce settlement with husband of 18 years Andy Mill. Evert retained custody of their three teenage sons.

Evert and Norman have been acquaintances for over 25 years, supporting each others charity events and becoming good friends. Norman saying, "We like to be with each other, "We enjoy each others company immensely. We share a very common bond with a lot of things in life."

Adding to the golf scandal, Evert' s ex Andy Mill went on record at the time saying Norman stole his wife “Greg Norman at one time was my best friend and a year-and-a-half ago I would have taken a bullet for this guy” “But I didn't realize he was the one who was going to pull the trigger.”

Norman and Evert were married in June 2008 in the Bahama's, the fuss practically shutting down the island with a dusk ceremony on a private beach on Paradise Island at The One and Only Ocean Club Hotel. The media was expecting a hoard of celebrities to attend including Pauly Shore, Corey Feldman, Lassie and Radar from MASH. None of whom actually made it, much to the disappointment of the paparazzi.

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