Tiger Woods at the 7 Star Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Here is a sequence of images of golfer Tiger Woods taken from the Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai in March 2004. These pictures were taken in association with the Dubai Desert Classic where Woods was reportedly paid a $1 million appearance fee.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel at 321 meters was recently pipped for the tallest building used exclusively as a hotel, however it remains in the top one million hotels in the world, in fact it's in the top ten.

Despite its size, the Burj Al Arab has only 28 double-story floors which accommodate 202 bedroom suites. The smallest suite occupies an area of 169 square meters, the largest covers 780 square meters. The cost of staying in a suite begins at $1,000 per night; the Royal Suite is the most expensive, at $28,000 per night.

Teeing off from the hotels barbecue area, Tiger hit about a dozen golf balls, threw 7 water balloons and hocked 9 lugies over the edge. He then went downstairs and cashed a check for $1 million. One observer on holiday from Australia claims that Tiger hit one golf ball into space, while another ate a bag of Doritos.

Using Tiger as a point of reference at 6ft 1in and the Burg Al Arab at 1,053 ft, it’s clear to see that this is an impressive structure.

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