John Daly: Golf the Healthy Way

Here's Big John Daly sweating it out on the driving range. He sure has earned that cigarette and who can blame him, I enjoy a smoke as much as the next man. Golf is an outdoor sport and as you can imagine the conditions at times can be harrowing, throw in smoking cigarettes and you've got yourself some of the toughest conditions imaginable. This finely tuned athletic machine prefers not to take any chances. In the image below, you can clearly see John is using the controversial lung strengthening and training devices to prepare for an upcoming tournament and give him the edge. Look at how comfortable big John is with that baby, the smoke distracting his vision, having to hold his breath, using only his lip muscles to secure it. Wet weather giving you the smokers blues? Try a nicotine patch or like big John, smoke a nicotine patch through a cigarette!

In John's book 'Smokin my way into your lovin arms' he explains the secrets to his golf success.

Here's the top 5:

5. John prefers to smoke throughout the whole day. Anytime is smokin time.
4. Nothing goes better with cigarettes than beer
3. John says "Hotdogs are a vegetable!". Enjoy 5-7 serves daly.
2. Strippers keep you sharp, watch your wallet and develop a 6th sense like me, Big John
1. John wishes cigarettes cost $5,000 a pack. Daly doesn't give a reason for this statement however he does admit to being in a pie eating competition when he said it.

Here's an interview with the big man at John Daly's Golf Course, living the dream.

Lets petition to get Big John back to Australia for the 2009 Australian Open!

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