Alligators Eat Golfers Like You For Breakfast

With the struggling economy, golfers are being forced to become more frugal with their hard-earned money and as a result, they’re throwing caution to the wind and are being eaten by alligators. Take Dwight Monreal, a golf ball entrepreneur from Tampa Florida. Dwight has been driven to salvaging golf balls from ponds because he simply cannot afford to buy them any more.

Monreal has ended up with a broken arm, dislocated shoulder and teeth marks because of rising fuel prices. "I mean, I'm alive," Monreal told reporters. "I went through a vicious attack by something bigger than myself and I'm here. I'm, I'm happy!"

Monreal was limb fishing for golf balls at the Tampa Palms and Country Club when an 11-foot alligator pounced, latching onto his arm. Dwight’s street smarts told him to poke the alligator in the eye, but not until he’d wrestled that alligator for 7 minutes teaching it a lesson or two.

Trapper Julie Harter went to the pond to bring the alligator in, but Dwight swears that his assailant was 3 feet taller than the 8 footer she detained. Julie says it was the only one in the area and called it a day.

Dwight was one of the lucky ones, "I like my arm better than he did," Monreal said.

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