Golf Secrets Revealed: Unemployment

A fellow Aussie golfer asked me once "What is a sure fire way to lower my handicap?" the answer is obvious, so with a smug grin I quipped back "unemployment."

Though frowned upon in many circles, unemployment is a technique I’ve used on many occasions to further myself. In fact, right now I’m utilizing an unemployment technique I call ‘unemployment awareness’ and have been using this time to get to know me.

The principles behind unemployment golf stem from ancient times, when unemployment was not a luxury. Our ancestors over hundreds of years created an environment where the unemployed are now lucky enough to be able to enjoy golf when they did not have the same opportunities.

Of the many benefits to the unemployment principles, one of my favorites is the flexibility. Unemployment can help any golfer at any level. I’ve used unemployment principles to improve my short game and my long game!

I love catching up with my unemployed buddies in the middle of the week and enjoying a peaceful round of golf. Without a care in the world, we can take our time and get inside our game. I remember one time staying at the course for almost eight hours straight, like a regular working guy might spend in an office!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of the great advantages to using unemployment techniques to help your golf game. Next week, I discuss how to utilize the 'wife leaving you because you don’t have a job and you play golf all day' principles to add eight yards to your drive!

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