Aussie Golfers on Facebook

All this talk about Michael Phelps and his 8 trillion Facebook 'friends' encouraged me to see which Aussie golfers have jumped on the social networking site Facebook.

- Adam Scott's Facebook has about 1,900 'friends' which is nice. A pretty crappy page, a lot of pictures and a brief bio.

- Greg Normans Facebook is low on friends, I felt like joining just to boost up the dismal numbers. Greg's page is pretty good really, has some good comments a few cool pictures. Oh, Greg has about 370 friends, I'm sure he's had more people over for dinner.

- Aaron Baddeley doesn’t have an individual Facebook page however there are a few fan groups. The most popular describes Aaron as 'sick, plain and simple'. There's a link to his site, a few pics and an advertisement to a dating site which I clicked and found more interesting. Badds has about 170 friends.

- Geoff Ogilvy's Facebook page is also weak. Just over 100 friends, some bizarre heading defaming Mickleson and Woods. One to skip.

- Nick O'Hern, no idea. Locked profile.

- The Rod Pampling Facebook fan page has 20 members.

- Peter Lonard has a fan page with 25 members

- Steve Elkington has a fan page with about 15 members.

The following Aussie golfers don't have Facebook pages which surprised me:

  • - Scott Strange
  • - Stuart Appleby
  • - Brendan Jones
  • - Kristie Newton
  • - Richard Green
  • - Robert Allenby
  • - Nikki Garrett
  • - Craig Parry
  • - Nathan Green
  • - Karrie Webb
  • - Jon Sender
  • - Sarah Kemp

Obviously, the names I've searched are a tiny percentage of the top Aussie golfers though I was curious about the more 'popular' ones. I didn't bother linking them either because frankly in good conscience, I wouldn't want to inflict that kind of pain on another human being. I'm so excited to check Myspace for all my Aussie golfing heroes!