Golf: Armed Robbery

Aussie Golfing fans be alert! If you notice three stocky men in their 30's on the golf course carrying handguns and wearing stockings on their heads, there is a good chance they are the chaps that performed an armed robbery at the Chelsfield Lakes Golf Club on Sunday night.

The Peugeot drivers entered the pro-shop at around 7:30pm on Sunday armed with a handgun and a stun gun. I'm sure the people in the pro-shop were already stunned when they saw the 3 guys wearing masks and carrying a handgun, that the stun gun was kind of overkill but points for initiative.

After failing to open the safe, they tied up the shop assistant and 3 tire kickers, then raided the till and the Calloway display stand. The three men all wearing dark tops then took off again in their silver/blue 405, which was found burnt out nearby. The dark tops were probably also burnt out but have yet to be located.

They made off with about 30 clubs, all Calloway and of significant value, as well as a few hundred pounds in cash.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Paul Bickley, from Tower Bridge Flying Squad, said; "This was a terrifying incident for the people who were inside the shop at the time of the robbery and although they suffered no physical injuries they were all shocked (I prefer the term stunned). The golf clubs stolen are of significant value and the robbers will now be trying to get rid of them. Therefore I ask that if members of the public are offered a Calloway golf club in suspicious circumstances they should contact us".

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