Australian Golfer Geoff Ogilvy Tested For Steroids

After hitting four-under-par 67 during the first round at the Deutsche Bank Golf Championship, Australian Geoff Ogilvy was greeted outside the scoring trailer by a raincoat wearing representative of the US PGA Tour's steroid testing body, to shoot one more hole.

The two men made their way to the bathroom. After discussing boys, make-up, and filling out the appropriate paper work, it was time for Ogilvy to give the man what he wanted and Geoff had no problem-delivering big time. "The peeing for me was instant, because I needed one," said Ogilvy.

Geoff prides himself on accuracy and was determined to impress his suitor "He's standing in the cubicle when you're peeing in the beaker. He's making sure you're doing it, but it didn't feel invasive." Mindful not to cross swords and maintaining eye contact, the tester watched the 2006 US Open champion urinating, never letting the player out of his sight during the whole process.

On the US PGA Tour, eight players are randomly tested after each round; Australian Adam Scott was among others on Friday. Such a procedure, of course, is commonplace in many other sports, but it is new this year to professional golf. The whole procedure with the paperwork, candles and wine takes about 15 minutes.

It's rumored that the two men have since been seen spending time in bars and cafe around the city. Aussie Golfing wishes them well.