Craig Parry Golf Workout: No Guts No Glory

"Craig Parry's 'No guts, no glory' workout changed my life!" I'm sure you have heard those words a thousand times and probably wondered when you too could try this revolutionary training system that has changed lives all around the planet. Well, grab a seat and a packet of trail mix and take this journey with me!

Check out these buzzwords:

* High intensity
* Energized
* Core training
* Yogalates
* Results

You will not find any of these in the Craig Parry training regime, and here's why: Craig has handpicked some of his favorite exercises to help you achieve your goals targeting those often-neglected body parts, like the back of the knees and the giblets. Nevertheless, do not just take my word for it check out this extreme transformation!

"I wish to thank Craig and his team for helping me maintain a weight that I have had since I was in high school. I am now 30 and feel great. I have kept my weight for over two weeks now. Craig has truly changed my life not only physically but mentally, and I thank God for Craig Parry and the support he provides." - Dr. Kenneth Plimpton

That's right, with Aussie Craig's patented golf principles, you maintain the same weight for 12 weeks straight! No 'ups and downs' no crazy diets, just good old fashioned, do what you always did, it has gotten you this far and your not dead training. Who can argue with that?