First Image: Sergio 'Normanitus' Garcia

If you have been following lately, you would be aware that I have been endeavoring to uncover the mystery surrounding Sergio Garcia's shortcomings when its crunch time on the golf course. So far, all the evidence is leaning towards a disease only found in a few professional golfers, i.e. 'Normanitus', a cruel play on the name of the great white Australian, Greg Norman.

I contacted a forensics expert who specializes in adding age to a person by a number of years. This kind of technology is usually reserved for missing person’s cases etc. We sat down, examined images of Mr. Garcia, and submitted them to the computer. Ironically the picture above is what the computer produced without any knowledge whatsoever of Garcia's recent golf game.

This kind of technology does not lie and Sergio is showing more and more symptoms. On the bright side however, it appears Sergio will in fact win the British Open one day and judging by the picture, it will be sometime in the mid eighties.

Does anyone else notice a creepy resemblance to Nicolas Cage?

More information on Normanitus can be found by following this link: