Alien Vs Parry

If an alien spacecraft came crashing to earth and the fate of the world was in the hands of an Australian golfer, there’s only one name that comes immediately to mind, and that's Craig 'The Dragon Slayer' Parry.

Craig would dispute this fact, such is the humble man, but I believe everyone knows that when the tough gets rough, Parry is always the last man standing. Here is a taste of Parry's humility regarding one of those magic moments that Craig consistently delivers. "There's a few people who said it was the best shot they have ever seen under such pressure ... It's for other people to talk about. As far as I'm concerned, I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time." Actually, it WAS the best shot anyone has ever seen Craig.

Craig Parry is the Jenna Jameson of being in the right place at the right time. Not to mention his uncanny ability to adjust his golf game to suit any conditions that Mother Nature may throw at him. The kid from Sunshine has come a long way.

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