Funny Golf: Why Golf Carts Are Better Than Cars


Here are some funny ideas that occurred to me why golf carts are better than cars:

* You can’t drive cars on golf courses
* They don’t run on gas, therefore less likely to explode
* You can drink and drive in a golf cart
* Male golf cart drivers are as bad as women golf cart drivers
* What would lead to road rage on the street is funny in a golf cart
* There are at least 100 ways to get in and out of a golf cart
* You don’t have to pick crap up from the store on the way home in a golf cart
* Parking your golf cart on the lawn won’t lead to racial slurs
* There is a very high chance that if you’re in a golf cart, you’re playing golf
* ‘Limbs on the outside of the vehicle’ is encouraged
* Australian golf carts are left hand drive
* There’s no room for a baby capsule
* You can speak on a cell phone while driving a golf cart
* They have a place to keep a pencil right there on the steering wheel
* Everyone rides shotgun in a golf cart
* The decision of what color golf cart is made for you
* If a golf cart breaks down, you just get another golf cart
* Asian’s are excellent golf cart drivers
* Aussie girls don’t judge you by the type of golf cart you drive

I think it’s funny because it’s true.

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