Golf Crime - on the Rise

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy a leisurely round of golf, watch out, golf crime is lurking in the shadows all around you.

The figures relating to these scandalous golf crimes are terrifying, with 1 golf crime reported every 4-6 months around the world. The odds of being a victim of a golf crime are 1 in 9,000,000 meaning that you have a greater chance of being hit by lightning. So this threat is real and on the rise.

Here are some common 'street names' for different golf crimes:

* 'Golf Jacking' (where someone steals your golf clubs or golf cart while you’re playing) is also on the rise however as yet no cases have been recorded.

* 'Golf and Enter' is when someone jumps the fence and plays for free.

* 'Golf Evasion' is when you manipulate the scorecard to your advantage by not declaring all of your golf. This is perhaps the most common golf crime, which on occasion has led to 'Golf and Battery'. (see below)

* 'Golf and Battery' is when a golf club is deliberately damaged. In most cases of this heinous crime; men's rea (Latin for ‘guilty mind’) is not a consideration in prosecution.

There are a few simple ways to lesson the chances of being a victim of golf crime, common sense really. Play golf during the day, play with a friend and wear checkered pants. (No golf crime has ever been reported by someone wearing checkered pants)

In Australia, we've been lucky. We’ve been sheltered from much of the golf crime due to our remote location from the rest of the world; however that's not to say that we're completely safe. Golf crime families are reportedly setting up as we speak in several key locations around Australia; however this golf crime is still being investigated.

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