Golf Trivia & Interesting Facts

* The special prize for a hole-in-one at the 8th hole during the NSW Open in Australia was either $5000 in cash, or a pre-paid funeral monument.

* The longest recorded hole-in-one was achieved by Robert Mittera at the appropriately named 'Miracle Hill' golf course at Omaha, Nebraska in 1965. Mittera was a 2 handicap player and his 10th hole 409m drive was also said to be wind assisted.

* Before the advent of lawn mowers, golf course greens were kept in the shade by grazing sheep.

* Because of a boycott at the 1908 Olympics by British golfers, golf was not played. The only entrant, Canadian George Lyon who had won the gold in 1904, was offered the gold medal by default, however refused to accept it. Golf hasn't been included in the Olympics since.

* On the 6th of February 1971, astronaut Alana B Shepard Jr hit a golf ball 183 meters on the moon, making golf the first game played in outer space.

* The term Caddie' comes from the French word 'cadet'. The first player to use a caddie or 'cadet' is believed to be the Marquis of Montrose in the early 17th century.

* The first book about golf was The Golfers Manual, published in 1857. It's author, H B Farnie, used the pen name "A Keen Hand"

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