Golf: Finally at the 2008 Olympics

After 100 long years, golf will finally feature at the 2008 Olympic Games! Unfortunately, no one will be playing golf, that would be ridiculous; horses will be using a golf course in Beas River for equestrian events, like jumping and running fast. I know I'll be tuning in to watch a beautiful golf course get absolutely destroyed over the course of the events.

If the organisers want to impress me, give the horses a nine iron and see what they can do. Or make the jockeys do the tricks in golf carts. It's going to take a lot more than a horse jumping over a cardboard wall painted by kindergarten kids and running around a barrel that's for sure.

Who's idea was it to have horses on a golf course anyway? The thought of taking a trail bike on a golf course has crossed my mind once or twice, but that doesn't mean I'd do it! You can steer a car with your feet, but that doesn't make it a good idea.

So that being said, all Olympic equestrian events are boycotted in my home. It's no fault of the horses, or the people holding on to them but a stand must be made. Also, the reports suggest some Australian's should do well in the events, so for what it's worth; maybe an Australian can finally win an Olympic gold medal on a golf course.

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