57 Year Old Man Charged Over Golf Attacks

Michael Bockmiller, a 57 year old man from New Jersey in the US has been arrested and charged with Simple Assault and Disorderly Conduct for yelling abuse and hitting golf balls at golfers on his neighboring course.

Michael Bockmiller, literally started teeing off from his backyard in a blind Pipes Rage!

He says that someone playing bagpipes on the 17th at the Stanton Ridge Country Club in Whitehouse Station New Jersey drove him to the attacks. I can't confirm whether he simply dislikes the sound of bagpipes or the gentlemen playing the bagpipes wasn't very good, or he was playing the same song over and over. Who knows? What I do know is that there's only one way to stop those obnoxious bagpipes and that is by hitting golf balls at them.

The soothing sounds of the bagpipe are the only man made instrument that can be heard from outer space.

Bagpipes and golf seem to go hand in hand, but bagpipes always seem to make there way into all sorts of events. In fact I'm sure I've seen bagpipes at a swim meet here in Australia, unfortunately I left my clubs in my other Speedo on that day.

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