Golfers Are Hardcore Adrenaline Junkies

Pure evil, insanity, adrenaline, junkies; Golf.

You don't wake up one morning living on the edge, you're born there my friend. It's a deep piercing fire inside you. To reach out and put your hands around the neck of danger and choke it till you puke!

Golf is no different to any other sport, except for the fact that it's a bloodthirsty, brutal death match every time you pick up a club. Imagine riding a dragon with no saddle into the pits of hell, then multiply that by 10 and you may just have a glance at the lifestyle of a touring professional golfer.

The golf course is a giant cage match; no rules, no fear. The only man that can defeat you is you. You create the masterpiece, you control your own destiny.

Face your fears on the green, tame the mighty beast as you wrap your talons of fury around the cold steal and let forth a blistering putt of pure evil the dark lord himself would admire from his recliner in the caverns of death.

Play each hole like it's your last, would you want to die immediately after laying up? The furnace is hot like molten lava, so make your bed in the intestines of the weak.

Face your demons and be extreme.