Golfing Bodybuilders Do Exist!

There are two terms that are not often associated; 'golf' and 'bodybuilding'. However, I personally know several 100+ kg (220lb) bodybuilders who are avid golfers and are surprisingly quite good no less.

There is a common misconception that you cannot play golf or most sports for that matter and be successful at bodybuilding. Two reasons I often hear, are that bodybuilders are too muscle-bound to achieve a formidable golf swing and that golf involves too much cardio vascular work and calorie sacrifice. These are valid points; however, it’s bodybuilders who make these observations, not golfers. In addition, it does not take a lot of imagination to figure ways around these concerns.

Firstly, there is only one Tiger Woods. Even if you did not have a 46" chest, you still could not hit a ball the way he does. Secondly, golf carts are for the elderly, people with low mobility and bachelor parties, rent one. Thirdly, take your cooler bag and high a calorie shake with you and consume adequate fluids.

Ninety nine percent of bodybuilders will never win any money or get to travel the world exhibiting their years of hard gym work and diet to thousands of adoring fans, which is why I am often amused that bodybuilders always seem to have excuses for not participating in regular social activities. Done in moderation and monitoring technique to avoid injuries and consuming enough calories, there is no reason why you cannot have 18” arms and a single figure golf handicap.

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