Karrie Webb: Aussie Lesbian Super Golfer

Australian Lesbian golfing machine Karrie Webb, took up golf at eight years of age. She turned pro in 1994 and then defied a broken wrist to make the LPGA tour. She has been in the world's top five ever since. Webb has had a highly successful run on the LPGA tour, winning six majors and is generally regarded as the greatest Australian Golfer (male or female).

Karrie was the first to win the super slam, is the youngest to win all four majors and the only rookie to have won $1,000,000 in a season. She qualified for the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2000, but was not eligible for induction until she completed her 10th year on the LPGA tour in 2005. Webb met the 10-year criterion on June 9, 2005 when she completed the first round of the LPGA Championship, her 10th start in that year. She became the youngest living person ever to enter the Golf Hall of Fame.

She was outed in a book by Melbourne golf writer and lesbian expert, Charles Happell. Happell wrote that he: "has lifted the lid on what has been an open secret on the US Ladies Professional Golfers Association tour: that Webb has been involved in a four-year lesbian relationship with Kelly Robbins, a 32-year-old American golfer.

Webb, who splits her time between homes in Queensland and Florida, is known for being notoriously press-shy. She was once described as "Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes wrapped in one." I would have thought, Ellen Degeneres and Greg Norman to be a better comparison, though Karrie is more attractive then Degeneres and better at closing and winning Majors than Greg.

"I think there's no doubt one of the reasons why lesbians on the LPGA are so notoriously media-shy is because they're forced to live hiding this big secret," says another lesbian expert, Jaime Diaz.

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