Stupid Golf Inventions: BallBrella

Do you need another 60 inches of crap to fill a Christmas stocking or Father’s day jolper? Then how about this stupid golf invention; BallBrella!

What you have here is an umbrella with a ball retriever attached to it. Just strap that baby to the side of your golf bag and you're prepared for all sorts of hazards, including rain! BallBrella has a telescopic handle that extends out to 96 inches for even more ball retrieving power and since you don't need to buy both an umbrella and a ball retriever, BallBrella pays for itself within your first round of golf! In addition, your friends will be green with jealousy and just imagine how the ladies will respond to your new helpful gadget!

You can even have your company logo printed on BallBrella so when they're found on the side of the freeway, city workers will know where to mail them back to. BallBrella is made of 100% plastic and steel so you know it will never rust, or if it does, that's the steel part.

BallBrella comes conveniently gift wrapped in the shape of a 52-inch plasma television so you can be sure your dad or brother will be clueless that you only bought him an umbrella this year.

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