How to Buy Fake Golf Equipment

Has golf become too easy? Have you been seeking a way to add twelve strokes to your golf game instantly? With advances in golf equipment technology, it is now just a matter of 'point and shoot', so Aussie Golfing has come up with a cunning way to add a new challenge to your game; buy fake Chinese manufactured golf equipment and take your golf game back to 1983!

Remember back when you first started playing golf, when a drive over two hundred yards put a smile on your face, or when you sliced it seven out of every ten strokes? Let us throw all that experience, training and money out the window and have all that back!

The benefit of fake golf equipment does not stop there either! Christmas time; how do you buy golf presents for the golfer that appears to have everything without wasting money on unnecessary gifts? Buy that special loved one four times as much fake Chinese golf equipment for your money and cover all bases, that's how!

Here are several ways how to spot fake golf equipment, so you're not tricked into buying top quality, technologically superior golf products:

1. Hunt down auctions from China and Hong Kong.
2. Search for auctions for driver or irons heads only.
3. Check sellers other items for sale. Make sure they are selling only one type of club, there is a good chance this is a fake equipment seller.
4. Ask the seller to provide the serial number. If they do not respond, jackpot! If they provide a serial number, you can email customer service and ask if the serial number is legit.
5. Be fooled by pictures. The pictures on a bad auction will not be the driver they are sending, Aussie Golfing calls that a 'mystery gift'.
6. Approach sellers that are new to Ebay, or have less than 100 feedbacks selling golf equipment.
7. Search for auctions for drivers, irons or balls listed in a non-golf category. They use this tactic to avoid Ebay dumping the auction.
8. Another good indicator to search for is 1-day auctions with a "Buy Now".

Some of the world's best known brands; Cleveland Golf, PING, Titleist, TaylorMade, Cobra, Callaway Golf, Nike, Mizuno and Yes Golf are being counterfeited so there is a lot of variety to choose from.

I trust golfers who want to add more challenge to their game or friends and relatives looking to buy a loved one a lot of golf equipment for little money, find this article helpful.

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