Youngest Person to Hit a Hole in One?

Golf my friends, is a cruel, sick and twisted game. It has let some 11 year old kid get a hole in one his third time on a course. The poor kids life is ruined! He's going to spend the rest of his days haunted by being the youngest person to get a hole in one.

Why wasn't he playing video games or eating bugs like the rest of the kids his age? Where were the parents to protect him from the big green monster? No, they let him run around on a golf course hitting hole in ones, breathing fresh air and spending time socializing with respectable people.

The story goes that this young show off comes along and gets a hole in one on a regulation sized 150 yard par 3. He was playing at the Mandan Municiple Golf Course in Bismarck, North Dakota using a driver he borrowed from his buddy. The group ahead of them saw it go in as well, so we know it wasn't just some story the kids made up after smoking the pot. So the question is; could young Allan Saylor be the youngest ever person to hit a hole in one?

The hole has bunkers on either sides of the green, so young Allan's drive was straight down the line.

This is how young Allan talked a news reporter through the moment. "It was a pretty low shot, a pretty flat drive, it probably rolled about 10 feet and the rest was in the air, it was probably one of my farthest shots." He then high-fived his friend Ethan, who's last name is coincidentally 'Luck', picked his nose and off they went.

The club golf pro, Patrick Wingard, sounds like he was beside himself with glee. He said that in the 3 years that he's been there no one has hit a hole in one on the par 3 sixth. In fact Wingard has never hit a hole in one in his 42 years and he's made a lot of money from golf, he says.

This sort of nonsense wouldn't happen in Australia, Australian's don't get holes in ones, we don't need them.

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