Steroids: Rampant in Golf

Would it be so hard to believe that steroid usage is rampant in professional golf?

Here is a sport where the athletes are built like, lets face it, cab drivers and can hit a golf ball over 300 meters, straight. Athletes with injuries that would see the average guy laid up in bed for months, back on the course in a few weeks. You have guys that would normally qualify for a seniors pension still winning tournaments against guys a third their age. Don’t get me wrong, experience goes a long way in golf, but is there a chance that there’s more going on than the type of balls these guys have?

Golf has always been portrayed as somewhat of a gentleman’s sport, where the entire premise of the game is based on honesty; like filling out your card right, replacing your divots etc. So it’s probably one of the last professional sports one would associate with steroid cheats.

But think about this; these guys are playing for millions of dollars, literally Their rank at the end of the year determines weather they have somewhere to play the following year and thus generate an income. Their sponsors contract them to compete at tournaments and obviously play well. Imagine if you could manipulate the odds in a lottery to increase your chances of winning. So why is it so unlikely that these golfers, like the football players, like the baseball players couldn’t be using steroids to get the edge?

The PGA introduced urine testing only recently, but anyone with half a brain realizes that there are masking agents you can swallow to cover any traces of steroids. And that’s not even touching on Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is essentially untraceable and frankly quite simple to get a prescription for at any anti aging clinic. Any coach or trainer worth his salt knows the how, when and what with steroids.

Golf has anonymity about it not found in many professional sports. The players themselves are generally quite private. They travel alone, train alone or work within a tight knit group. They don’t have reporters on their doorsteps or fans stalking there homes. They travel the circuit make their money and go home.

I’m not suggesting that any golfers are using steroids, but to think that it’s not in the realm of possibility is ridiculously naive.

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