Golf Themed Tattoos

The other day while at the driving range, the person beside me commented on a non-golf themed tattoo that I have on my left forearm (That he must have noticed from examining my devastating swing). It was positive, so we became best friends until the end of his bucket. After that special moment, I found myself looking around at the other people on the range and the people coming back to the clubhouse from their rounds to see what kind of tattoos they might have, but to my dismay, there was not another tattoo in sight. After feeling cool for about three minutes, I suddenly felt awkward and wanted to cover it, in case people got the wrong idea.

The experience got me thinking about how many professional golfers I had seen with tattoos, again, nothing. This prompted a Google search for golfers with tattoos, which then became a search for golf themed tattoos, which in turn became the basis for this post about how ridiculous having a tattoo in anyway themed to golf is.

It is impossible to make anything remotely related to golf look evil or crazy, but that has not stopped a few people brandishing their bodies with flaming golf balls and 'skull and golf clubs' tattoos.

In my opinion, you would have to be pretty darn good to wear a golf themed tattoo, at least a single figure handicap to pull off that kind of dedication; otherwise, it would be like putting a racing stripe on a Camry. Even then, consider the consequences. The tattooist is going to be laughing for hours after you leave the studio, your girlfriend will leave you and you will begin speaking in tongues.

To the golfing world I beg you to reconsider having tattoos of golf equipment branded on you!

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