Online Golf Dating is Polluting The Gene Pool

Remember when guys had to have some kind of self-respect and abilities to attract women? Charm, wit, a sense of humor, perhaps a talent was all sure-fire ways to intrigue the opposite sex and perhaps get yourself a date. Losers sat in the corner and would routinely go home alone every weekend and wish they were young again and say that if only they 'knew then, what they know now'. Whatever, those guys deserved to go home alone, the alpha male ruled supreme! Now, thanks to internet dating, any uncoordinated troglodyte that was destined to spend their miserable lives playing dungeons and dragons can get a date!

This brings me to online golf dating sites. Women golfers are a rare breed, especially women that are passionate about golf. All of a sudden you have half wit, untalented golfers polluting the golfing gene pool by joining these sites and scheming their way into the arms of beautiful talented women golfers that they (had they met in the real world) would be lucky if they got to smell their divots after a classy approach shot.

It is a vicious circle. Talented golfers are pairing up with women that hate golf, therefore the man stops playing golf and women golfers are dating near sited, physically awkward internet Romeos. Frankly speaking, if this trend continues, golf, as we know it is doomed.

I know you are asking yourself "What can I do, I'm just one man?" Think about this. Imagine your sister secretly joins an online golf dating site to meet the man of her dreams and she brings home Urkel. Next thing you know, instead of playing golf on Sundays she is bidding for A-Team lunch boxes on EBay! This is a highly plausible scenario and it is Aussie Golfing's duty to rally the troops and date as many women from these sites as humanly possible, for the future of golf.