Video Game Golf Is Not a Warm Up

Like most people, I like to arrive at the golf course a little earlier than my tee-time to hit a bucket of balls and generally warm up the limbs. It is a great way to set the mind and preferably get the duff shots out of the way, until perhaps the third hole. Unfortunately, not all courses have driving ranges and more often than not, time is a factor and schedules can tend to run a little close. One such situation arose recently, I was stuck at home waiting on a call, and there was no way I was going to find fifteen minutes to dazzle the golf MILF's on the range. What was I to do? Fire up the PS3 and play a quick round of PGA Tour Tiger Woods.

As usual, my character was amazing, driving straight and long, chipping within inches of the flag and looking devilishly handsome with his computer generated chiseled features and platinum earrings. I even managed to sink a thirty-foot putt while on the phone, and they say men cannot multi-task.

After wrapping up a round of -16 it was time to hit the real course. Confidence was boiling over like forgotten milk on the stove and I even had a brand new glove, what could possibly go wrong?

When we arrived at the first tee, my entire warm up routine had consisted of sixteen minutes of video games, a seven-minute, barely legal drive and three high fives. After several practice swings and a bit of a twist it was my turn to whack off. I went through my setup and let go and that is when I felt half my back rip off. As I followed through, my lower back had zero give and it felt like someone swung a bag of cement into my side. The pain took my breath away and I over balanced, nearly falling over. “That was nice” I thought to myself, and spent the next 10 minutes trying to stretch out, but it was too late, I was stuffed. Every shot hurt, I was even over cautious putting, so it was time to wrap it up.

I guess the moral to the story is to warm up somehow. It would have been a better option going into the back yard and having a few light swings then the crafty thumb work on the PS3. Even yesterday at the driving range, which is the first time I have attempted to hit a ball in over a week there was still a twang, so it was chipping and putting practice for me.

Look after your limbs golfing brothers and sisters.