Open Challenge to Tiger Woods

That's right folks, I challenge Tiger Woods to a round of 'EA PGA Tour Tiger Woods'. Aussie Golfing has been owning 'noobs' all over the planet with skills, good looks and charisma, in fact, who's to know if I haven't already played Tiger?

Check out the hole in one below taken from the '04 version at Torrey Pines! That's just a sweet taste of what I'm bringing to the ultimate showdown.

Tiger has had a lot of time to brush up on his game. Discounting the international trips, raising a family, rehabilitation, running a multi-national business and foundation and generally being Tiger Woods, what else has he been doing lately? Playing hours and hours of EA Tiger Woods that's what.

Perhaps we can play while you are on the phone with Azinger during the Ryder Cup, or maybe while you have a spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove, I don't care, I'm ready to bring the noise.

Aussie Golfing out!