Lay Down Your Golf Clubs Thailand

The recent trouble in Thailand between the anti and pro-government protesters has flooded my email inbox. The latest came complete with dramatic pictures of injured people being carried away with ripped shirts and bloody khakis. The thing that grabbed me was the accompanying article, which said that the protesters weapons of choice are slingshots, pepper spray and golf clubs.

This is a terrible situation and of course, I wish for a fast resolve, however, I found myself wondering what kind of golf clubs the protesters were wielding. After a disturbing google image search, I had my answer, anything but a putter.

In my opinion, a putter would be a far better combat option than a driver would, which according to my search was a very popular choice. They're stiffer and shorter, the entire premise of the putter is for close up action, though not one in sight. Don't get me wrong, a driver in the hands of an angry person is a menacing sight, however, given the choice, I'd take my chances with the guy swinging a driver at me over a baseball bat or putter.

Regardless, the only way this situation is going to be settled is through the power of golf. Take your golf to the course people of Thailand, not in the street.