Vijay Singh is The Best Putter in The World

Until a month ago, former world number one golfer Vijay Singh had not won a tournament this year, mainly because of his less than stellar putting figures. Even that first win at Firestone was not terribly glamorous. Singh went home, dropped some cash on a psychologist came back and has been racking up thirty-five foot birdie putts ever since.

Vijay puts it. "So I went back home and made a good attitude change, I spoke to some psychologist who was trying to help me and I arrived last week with a great attitude on the putting green, I just kind of felt like I belonged on the greens."

Vijay does belong on the greens, but he does not like being there very long. "It's a great feeling to hit a putt and see the ball rolling into the hole. There's nothing better. I've never felt this comfortable on the greens."

The win at the TPC Boston this week was Vijay’s 34th PGA Tour victory, needing his putter only 23 times during the final round. "When I started putting comfortably, my whole game started coming around."

"Weeks went by where I really played well but I didn't putt well," he said. "That part of it was just kind of killing me. I went to a short putter to a long putter to whatever. I was trying to change my grip. I tried it all. I know it boils down to a great attitude change, a change in my head. Now I feel just great."

Amazing, who would have thought that years and years of practice and a positive mental attitude was all it took to be a successful golfer?