Golfer Danny Lee Should be Australian by Now

Australia is famous for swiping talent from other countries and claiming them as our own, take Russell Crowe (New Zealand), Mel Gibson (USA) and Bon Scott (Scotland). So how did an eighteen-year-old Korean golfer named Danny Lee sneak under the radar?

Danny will officially become a New Zealand citizen today, after recently becoming the youngest to win the U.S Amateur Golf Championship, surpassing even Tiger Woods (who was 19). It's no surprise then that he is also being compared to the great one, Lee saying "It's a special thing to be compared to Tiger".

Is there a part of the citizenship ceremony that allows, "Does anyone see why this man should not become a New Zealand citizen?" "Me!" Golf Australia has dropped the ball this time; Danny is going to become a marketing dream and a source of income for New Zealand, potentially injecting millions of U.S dollars into their economy, not to mention the supermodels.

Don't get me wrong, New Zealand is a wonderful country, but as an Australian, it is in my blood to be annoyed when they beat us (at anything), and my hat comes off to the manager of New Zealand Golf, Mr. David Graham (who happens to be an Australian).