Hitting Golf Balls Out Of Friend's Mouths

Alcohol induced male shenanigans have been around since the dawn of time. From the cave men of Tasmania to the wise Buddhist monks of the world, men have consistently encouraged each other with cruel taunts to perform some of the worlds most important discoveries, thank you Alexander Graham Bell and Tommy Lee.

Since the invention of a little thing you might know of called 'electricity', there hasn't been any great developments in the evolving of man. That is until today my fellow golfing homosapiens. I am proud to present the next step in our progressive evolution; hitting golf balls out of your friends mouth.

hit ball out of mouth

Man has evolved significantly since the dark ages and natural selection has determined our path straight to golf. This kind of activity is right up there with driving golf carts on freeways and topless mini golf, which coincidentally are two of my other favorite golfing activities.

When I see this kind of commitment and teamwork, it brings a tear to my eye: Just two guys, one dream, eighteen beers.

Congratulations golf...congratulations mankind