Terrifying True Golfing Horror Story

Once again the mail boxes have been swamped with tales of a horror story that took place in a small Australian town called Salt Lake City. As the story goes, a long time, happily married golfing couple took to the course for a regular, romantic 18 holes.

It would appear that all of the romance and serenity was too much for her gentleman suitor, who after sinking his putt on the fifth, turned to his wife and broke down, confiding that he had an affair fifteen years earlier with their serial nudist neighbour, named Julie-Anne. It was a one time passionate sexual affair, however he has been feeling incredible guilt ever since.

Mrs wife, obviously upset that her husband had in fact been unfaithful, chose to forgive and confided that she too had a long kept secret. She turned to him and said she'd gone through a sex change and was in fact born a man, however, had been a woman in her mind long before the surgery to 'lighten' the pant cargo.

The man went crazy, throwing his putter into the lake, falling to his knees he turned to his wife and cried "All this time you have been hitting from the ladies tee's!"