Golf In The Year 2012

As the year 2012 fast approaches and golfers become more aware of the apparent end of the world, what will it be like to try and play a friendly round after the complete destruction of the earth as we know it?

It's quite simple, everyone will probably be dead, most courses will be left unmaintained and there will be no one in the pro-shop to pay your fees to.

Zombies will rule the world and golfers, by my calculations, will be outnumbered by about 3:1. This of course concerns not only me, but 2 of my closest friends who in my opinion are prime candidates to become zombies. I havent mentioned this to them as one whom I will only refer to as 'Champagne Dave', recently borrowed my power drill and I would like it back.

So there you have it, a brief yet eloquent look into the future of golf. Now please click my advertisements so I can get rich at the expense of the earth.